Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Community Engagement

 Click here for a schedule of upcoming presentations and focus groups.

Engaging the University of Manitoba community in the development of a blended learning strategy is a key task of the BLTF. Throughout March and April we will be sharing resources; presenting and and soliciting input from various student, faculty, and leadership committees; and hosting focus groups.


Blended and Online learning are growing practices in Higher Education across the country offering greater flexibility and more engaging, student-centered experiences. While the University of Manitoba can point to several examples of solid initiatives to integrate and develop blended and online learning, they are most often at the level of individual faculty members and departments/programs or units. We now need to move towards an institutional level strategic plan in order to develop a more sustained approach to blended and online learning with a consideration of the pedagogical and technological support and resources that will be required.
The Blended Learning Task Force was formed by the Vice Provost (Academic) in the office of the Vice President (Academic) and Provost at the University of Manitoba. Visit our website for further information.